We are a group of people who work for a clean environment and hence a better world for future generations. Our goal is to clean up the coasts, oceans, lakes and streams from plastic debris and other harmful waste.

Current situation
Millions of tons of plastic debris that have entered our seas concentrate in five huge rotating ocean currents. The largest of those gyres – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – is located in the North Pacific Ocean and is the size of Central Europe.

Our idea
We want to raise public awareness of the situation and its consequences and implement an innovative solution.

The solution
New technologies will allow us to

– collect, sort and shred plastic debris
– reconvert plastic debris into light oil on-site in an environmentally friendly way
– return oil into the production cycle

Everybody can join One Earth – One Ocean. Will you?
Find out more about our projects here.

One Earth – One Ocean is a non-profit registered association.

Our projects

  1. Sea cow:
    The sea cow is a unique vessel with the ability to collect waste and perform water analyses at the same time. Currently, the engineering drawings are being reviewed for certification. Construction will start in early 2015. Its modular design allows transportation in a container and it will be ready for use quickly. We already raised 150.000€ but another 70.000€ are needed for the construction. The sea cow will be used for cleanup and research in the Baltic Sea as well as in the Mediterranean.
  2. National and international cleanups of waters and beaches
    Costs per year are around 25.000€.
  3. International project with ship owning companies and research institutes
    We collect water samples on a global scale and analyze the samples for micro plastic. The results will be shown on a world map. Costs for this project between 2014 – 2016 will be around 45.000€ and we already raised 10.000€.
  4. Creation of an international database comprising scientific studies about water pollution
    Costs per year are around 12.000€. Find the database here.

We accept donations for all four projects. If desired, all donors will be listed. Make your donation here.

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